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    Ash Amati Brothers scroll-new

    The Borthers Amati, Carlo Antonio Testore, and Antonio Stradivari used sometime beech or ash (faggio and frassino in Italian) for the scroll of at least one of their instruments.  Working with these different woods is difficult as they are harder then maple and not as easy to finish with the gauge.  But the grain effect is rewarding.


    Cremona traditional and new

    Traditional violin making is still alive and triving in Cremona.  I believe this is in particular due to the passion that national and foreign violin makers have poured into it and the hard labor of the Fondazione Stradivari.  If you can, become a member of the Fondazione Stradivari.


    Victor Yen plays Elgar's concerto

    Victor Yen plays beautifully this Elgar's concerto with piano on one of my latest Guarneri model violins.  


    My latest 2012 violin in an informal playthrough by Nicholas Kitchen

    This piece was recorded in one take, with no reverb, or equalizer.  The violin was set up with Evah Pirazzi strings, by Pirastro.  This violin I modeled after the outline of the Guarneri del Gesú D'Egville, a unique Guarneri as the arching is rather flat and Stradivari like.


    Dominic Howman Physics & Guitars

    I wish I had seen this when I was in violin making school.  It is a great video about some basic concept of how the plates resonate.  Here is how you can contact Dominic.

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