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    Brothers Amati Sound adjustment

    Elgant corners on this example form the two brothers. The arching is a little pointed between the sound holes, on the back the varnish is very transparent, probably free of any pigment.

    Antonio and Hieronimus Amati are known as the makers of smaller violas. The one below has a decoration similar to some of the instruments by Andrea Amati.


    Guadagnini 1783 Maazel

    Interessante il coraggio con cui questo liutaio si allontava dal modello (punti di riferimento) per scolpire una testa originale.

    An original carving on this volute, not shy from moving away from the reference points the pattern suggests.


    Carlo Antonio Testore Label

    This morning a beautiful 1740 Testore cello just left my shop. Here is a picture of the label. I find interesting that he felt necessary to specify the "contrada larga al segno dell'Aquila".


    Boston Snow day

    This was the scene as this morning on Newbury St. 


    Antonio & Hieronymus Amati Scroll

    Here are some photo/notes about the depth of the carving on a Brothers Amati violin scroll. The volute is small and elegant. In order to see the large image click on the thumbnail.