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    Brothers Amati Cello Scroll

    This year I have been working finishing three cellos, an Andrea Amati 1572, a Domenico Montagnana 1734, and a Zanetto da Montichiari 1576.  I love making cellos, because of the difference between these makers.  Among my favorite cello makers are Davide Teccler active around 1686-1740 and the Brothers Antonio and Girolamo Amati.  They were born respectively in 1540 and 1550, their father Andrea started making the series of decorated instruments for Carlo IX around 1553.  The photos of this scroll are from the cello that I am going to make next, starting in January 2012.  The Brothers did not choose maple for head and back, instead they used a walnut or other fruit wood, probably local.  I particularly like how little carving was done on this volute, the faces are rather flat as they move towards the center.  The back of the scroll is sculpted with intent and precision towards the end of it and when it progresses towards the top of the head the fluting gets shallower. I like this as it makes the sculpture more stern, understated looking. The outline is of exceptional elegance, the profile of the peg box is ideal for preventing strings from touching each others.  These are just snapshots I took from the original, of course, as I will get close to starting this cello I will take more picture and I promise to share them on this journal.

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