Eugenio Degani 1892
Friday, October 21, 2011 at 2:23PM
Marco Coppiardi

Eugenio Degani born in 1840, worked with Montagnana, moving to Trieste and later to Venice.  The instrument on my bench today was made as a Guarneri del Gesú replica, the top is perfect in its  arching.  The outline of the body and f holes is inspired by the late work of Del Gesú.  For the back a cipress poplar wood was choosen with a very tight flame figure.  Light and less dense then maple, the pores are shown well filled where the varnish is absent from wear.

The owner tells me that the sound is extremely clear and focused.

Original is the sculpture of the scroll with this edge embellishment.

The channels on the back are quite deep and elegant.

The varnish has worn away witout chipping.

The wing fluting is quite deep and typical of this maker.

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